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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Little Preview of Vintage Style Girls' Room

Last month we had the opportunity to work on a girls' bedroom for our sweet little friends Eleanor and Jane. It was so much fun to go with a little bit of a vintage theme in here. We still need to add some artwork to the walls (the main piece of art arrived yesterday - yay!) and a few accessories. For now we though, we thought we would share a little peek, and then next week, once we've added the finishing touches, we will share the full room.

The starting off point for the room was the wallpaper. We chose this Enchanted Wood paper in the Duck Egg Blue color from our favorite source, Wallpaper Direct. My friend Katie (Eleanor and Jane's mom) and her mother hung it themselves and did a fabulous job and then they painted the rest of the room a very pale pale blue called Whispering Spring. It turned out so beautiful. I absolutely LOVE this wallpaper.

To go with the feel of the wallpaper we chose some beautiful vintage looking metal beds from Joss and Main. They are the Annalise style beds. We went with two twin sized beds (although right now it looks like just the king size is in stock). The beds were really easy to put together and I was so impressed with the quality and how truly vintage they look. I would order them again in a heartbeat! In fact, I've been trying to think of another place we could use them.

For the bedding we went with this beautiful set from Beddy's Bedding in Chic White. This is not just regular ordinary bedding. It is designed with children in mind and makes the entire process of making beds and washing sheets a million times easier. In the next post I'll try to share a picture of how the zipper works (I took some when I was photographing these but the lighting wasn't quite right), but basically all you have to do in the morning is just zipper up the side of the bed - similar to a sleeping bag. It makes it so easy for little kids to make their own bed. You can watch a video showing just how easy it is here on their website. I love that not only is it incredibly functional and makes the mornings so much easier, it is beautiful as well! I am thinking of getting one for Lola's new daybed!

The adorable gold polka dotted bedskirt is from Beddy's as well. We loved the idea of adding some gold into the room and these bedskirts are so fun and whimsical feeling. And we also love that this cozy little lamb from one of our favorite shops, Live Sweet, has the perfectly matching gold polka dot  on her arms, legs and ears! That was completely unplanned but one of my favorite little touches in the room.

We didn't have much space between the beds and at first I didn't have any luck finding a nightstand. Then I spotted this one at HomeGoods and I got so excited. I loved the shape and the color of the wood works perfectly in here plus the size was exactly what we were looking for!

We are still on the hunt for the perfect little lamp for in here so I stole this Joss and Main pitcher of flowers off of my kitchen table to take these pictures with.

The ruffled teal pillows are from HomeGoods.

And here is the other cute little lamb from Live Sweet Shop. My girls absolutely love these sweet little animals.

I can't wait to share the finished room with you all. I am especially excited about the artwork!

Source List:

Wallpaper - Enchanted Wood from Wallpaper Direct
Paint Color - Whispering Spring by Benjamin Moore
Beds - Annalise Metal Bed from Joss and Main
Bedding - Beddy's Bedding
Bedskirts - Beddy's Bedding
Teal Ruffled Pillows - HomeGoods
Sweet Little Stuffed Animals - Live Sweet Shop
Nightstand - HomeGoods
Vase -Joss and Main

Saturday, February 6, 2016

A New Piece For Our Dining Room

For the last two and half years I have been on the hunt for a hutch for our dining room. At one point I gave up and built some shelves but still continued to hunt for the perfect piece for this spot. Although I mostly was looking for a hutch I also kept my eye out for bookcases too because I love the way they look filled with beautiful serving pieces and I figured if I couldn't find the right hutch maybe I could find the right bookshelf or cabinet. I kept spotting beautiful wood bookcases that had glass doors but couldn't find one that was quite the right size or exactly quite what I was looking for until I saw this one on Wayfair's website last month. It was the perfect size and the price was considerably better than most other places I had seen similar type pieces plus they offer free shipping!

I have to say it is even prettier in person and I am so excited about it. It makes the whole space feel more finished! We are actually making a few other changes in here for spring that I can't wait to share once they are done. Right after I took these photos I painted the walls a soft white color and am lightening up the whole room. Although I do still love Kendall Charcoal I really like how the wood tone looks against the white even better.

I actually haven't spent much time playing around with the shelves yet. I just used the items that were on the rolling cart and a few that were in the kitchen, but I am planning on playing around with them a bit more once I have a chance. I love how the white pieces pop against the darker wood. And I especially love how the piece smells.

Source List:

Wall Color - Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore in Matte Finish
Trim Color - Simply White by Benjamin Moore in Semi-gloss Finish
Door Color - Mopboard Black by Benjamin Moore in Semi-gloss Finish
Beadboard Wallpaper - Allen and Roth from Lowe's
Wood Bookcase with Glass Doors - Wayfair
Chandelier - Savvy in Williamsburg, VA
Farmhouse Table - I made it using this plan from Ana White's site. Stained with Rustoleum's Weathered Gray and Minwax's Provincial
Runner - World Market
Tulips - Trader Joe's 
Black Tray - Painted Fox 
Items on Top Shelf
  • Silver Urn - Seasons of Williamsburg
  • Milk Jug Vases - Painted Fox
  • DemiJohn - Antique Farmhouse
Items on Second Shelf
  • cake stand - Pottery Barn (Emma Collection - was a wedding gift)
Items on Third Shelf 
  • Plates - miscellaneous Mikasa and Pottery Barn Emma Collection
  • Serving Bown with Pewter Handles - Wedding Gift
  • Pitcher - Pottery Barn Emma Collection
Items on Fourth Shelf 
  • Metal Basket - Joss and Main
  • Cake Stand - HomeGoods
  • Plates on Top - Miscellaneous
  • Square Cake Stand - Williams-Sonoma
Items on Bottom Shelf 
  • silver tiered tray - Target
  • Waters - Fresh Market
  • Pitcher - Gift

Have a fabulous weekend! 

Bookcase provided by Wayfair. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Lola's Almost Finished New Room

Although it's not quite finished, I thought we we share some images of Lola's new room today. This room was a little trickier to work on than Lillie's new room because we were torn on keeping the wallpaper and we wanted to incorporate a real regulation sized basketball hoop into her room. The original plan was to put bunkbeds in here, but after a lot of thought we ended up going with this "couch bed" as Lola calls it and I am so glad we did. We love it and so does she. Although we had found some bunkbed options that seemed like fun, ultimately the idea of a basketball hoop and bunk beds right near each didn't seem like the wisest idea  ever- ha! 

In front of the bed we found this adorable fluffy "cloud rug" from RugsUSA. If we didn't have the hoop in there I would have looked for something larger, but because of the hoop we wanted something that easily can easily slide out of a the way a bit or even be thrown up on the bed and this is the perfect size for that. It's so nice and cozy for her to step onto when she wakes up in the morning but in the afternoons we often move it over a bit or even kind of slide part of it under the bed when she is dribbling and shooting in here. 

The biggest project in this room was the hoop. Quite some time ago there was an episode of Fixer Upper that had a wooden hoop in one of the rooms and I loved that idea. I kind of kept it in the back of my mind for down the road maybe in a future home with higher ceilings someday and didn't really plan on doing it any time soon. Then once we decided to do the room switch and give Lillie her own room I kept trying to think of something I could do in here to make Lola's room feel special and new for her even though it was technically the same space. Then I remembered the hoop and knew she would absolutely LOVE that.

I couldn't find any tutorials for one so I just kind of made mine up as I was working on it. Originally I thought I would do a tutorial for mine but I decided not to because I don't feel like I know enough about building things to give advice on how to do this particular project and I kind of made it up as I went along, but basically I attached 5 boards that I got from Lowe's together and then added some trim and the rim which we ordered from Dick's Sporting Goods. Once it was built I stained it with Provincial from Minwax and screwed the whole thing into the studs using 8 screws (four on each side) to make sure it was extra secure. The rule is no dunking just to be on the safe side and so far that hasn't been a problem except for a few "much older" people that have to be reminded. Ha!

Finding the best spot for the hoop was one of the most tricky parts of this room. As I was building it I underestimated just how much it was going to weigh so when the time came to hang it I had to make sure it was screwed into some studs. This wasn't my first choice on where to hang it but ultimately it was the best spot. At first it threw me off a bit because it looked kind of funny being in the middle of the big wall all by itself but then I decided to add kind of a gallery wall around it and that helped quite a bit. Please keep in mind THIS WALL IS NOT FINISHED! Ha! I am going to add either a little whiteboard/scoreboard or maybe a pennant type flag, I haven't decided, underneath the hoop to fill in that bank space and I still need to paint something on the bank canvas, I just haven't decided what yet.

Honestly, when we first were hanging it I was wondering if I would be regretting it within just a few hours but it has turned out to be one of my favorite projects so far. Lola absolutely loves it and spends hours on end in here working on her game and seeing how we pretty much live and breath basketball in our family it works out quite nicely. And now pretty much whenever anyone is over they all head up to Lola's room to "play basketball".  If you noticed, we did remove several things from this room that used to be in here to help avoid some issues - for instance, we removed the chandelier and put it in Lillie's room and we also swapped the mirror that was in here with the oversized wooden sign that we had moved to Lillie's new room. So the sign came back in here and the large mirror is now in Lillie's new room. (When we add the last few touches in Lillie's room I will share more pictures of her space and show the mirror). We tried to make sure anything with glass or anything that was breakable was out of the way.

We got her this cute little desk from Joss and Main that fit perfectly between her door and the closet and added some fun little knobs and accessories from HomeGoods to it.

She painted some canvases to add to one of the walls. The top one has a bat, mermaid, horse, lizard, fish and crab - ha! And the bottom one is a tree with a picnic table with chairs and plates and cups on the table. I love how a four year old's mind works. She and I made the little panda from a sewing kit she got for Christmas from her Aunt Nancy and the books are from HomeGoods.

While Lillie and Lola were painting canvases I had fun painting this little pink deer based off a brown version of it that I had seen on Joss and Main.

Then we added some other fun, non breakable items to the gallery wall to help fill it out.

We adore these little pillows from Live Sweet Shop.

Here is a detailed source list for the her room:

Wall Color - Glass Slipper in a matte finish by Benjamin Moore
Trim Color - Simply White in a semi-gloss finish by Benjamin Moore
Wallpaper: PiP Birds in Paradise in White  -  Ordered online from Decorate to Go 

Rug - RugsUsa
Bed - Pottery Barn Teen
Sheets - Target
White Coverlet - have had for almost ten years, think it was from Pine Cone Hill possibly (we've been told it is the Williamsburg William and Mary coverlet which is kind of fun seeing who we bought it a couple of years before we moved here)
Blue Duvet Cover and Sham - RH Baby and Child
Fuzzy Blue Pillow - Target
Pig Pillow - Live Sweet Shop
Hello Sweetie Pillow - Live Sweet Shop
Desk - Joss and Main with knobs from HomeGoods
Desk Chair - Pottery Barn Kids
Lamp on Desk - HomeGoods
Little Chalkboard on Desk - HomeGoods
Dog Tape Dispenser - Target
Garland - Made from leftover Wallpaper
Oversized Wooden Sign - Dear Lillie (we carried this sign in the fall, it is not currently in stock)
Shelf with Baskets - IKEA
Colorful Books - HomeGoods
Crown - H & M
Aqua toolbox - HomeGoods
Gold Polka Dot Lamb - Live Sweet Shop
Trophy Vase - The Arrow's Nest
Tulips - Trader Joe's 
Drapery Panels - IKEA Ritva Panels with pom pom trim from Joann Fabric's attached
Drapery Rods - Lowe's 

Deer Painting - I painted it using pink paints modeled after a canvas with a brown deer on Joss and Main
Blank Canvas - Michael's
Wooden L - Michael's
Heart Chalkboard - HomeGoods
Basketball Hoop - We made the backboard and stained it with Provincial by Minwax and then attached a rim that we ordered from Dick's Sporting Goods
Pom Pom Garland - We made last Christmas
Wood Frame - Michael's 
Rhino Head - Target 
PinBoard - Target
Pink Unicorn - HomeGoods

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I cannot believe it is February! 

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